Internet Marketing

Becoming a Content Warrior

Becoming a Content Warrior. Never done a video this style before, but wanted to give you a insider’s look at what an average day looks like. Obviously I had to teach some ninja tips and pull a prank on Ricky while I was at it…

Create an Online Business that LASTS

Create an Online Business that LASTS! Most efforts in online marketing use churn and burn techniques to quickly create income and which will die off just as quickly. This video explains how he has created an online business that has lasted the test of time.

Truth About My Niche Site

Truth About My Niche Site. Niche sites denote specificity, narrowing their focus on a topic and its various subtopics. Niche sites exist within larger markets. For example, a site about SEO hacks is a niche site that exists within the marketing industry, which itself exists within the larger business category.

Building an Online Community

Building an Online Community. Building an online community will not work if you use Facebook and Twitter as your home base because they are not platforms you can control long-term. In this video we share some reliable ways to build a community that you can control.

Blog Pays off Student Loan

Blog Pays off Student Loan. If you are going to start a side business online, you have to choose the path you’re going to take. You could either keep your job as-is, work to find a slightly better job, or take a side business and push it as far as you can.

10 Little Known LinkedIn Facts Infographic

The Growth Rate of LinkedIn. U.S. monthly users will top 62 million in 2020, eMarketer estimates. LinkedIn is growing faster than previously expected, according to a new report from research firm eMarketer. In 2019, the number of monthly U.S. adult users increased by 8.8% year over year – up from eMarketer’s previous estimate of just over 7%

How To Get Followers On Instagram Infographic

It’s Hard to Get Instagram Followers. The Instagram algorithm will boost up posts that people have a history of liking. If you have a new account, you need to build that history of past likes for the algorithm to start processing, and until you do so, you are gonna get pushed down by the algorithm. Also, Instagram Marketing is not easy.

6 Careers Social Media Has Created Infographic

Most Common Social Media Job Titles: Blogger. Brand Ambassador. Brand Manager. Community Manager. Content Manager. Content Strategist. Digital Communications Professional. Digital Content Manager.

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